Colour Line

The modern flavours of tradition

Who among us doesn’t want, in the most unexpected moments of the day, to give a bite to the best chocolate, the one that cracks in the mouth and then melts? For those who are not satisfied with the simple supermarket bar, at Catinari’s you will find a real permanent chocolate festival: dark with Himalayan salt, bitter Venezuela, white chocolate, milk, and various shades of dark chocolate.

All of this can be found in the brand-new selection of “Color Line” chocolate, available in various flavours and sizes, and inside a modern and colourful packaging!


We work for this…


…What can I say? When we talk about chocolate excellence, the first thing that pops into one’s mind is “Catinari”, a real artist in his own profession. I dare say that he produces poems with the shape of chocolates.

Aldo Sabatini

The excellence of chocolate here in Tuscany.
You must try it.

Claudia Barni

You walk in and are enveloped in the heady but delicate scent of chocolate. And here we start to have troubles, what can I choose among all these good things? It doesn’t matter, whatever you choose, you always choose well, and then it hurts when you leave. He is the real chocolate “artist”.

Angelo Foglia

I took the liberty of giving a present to His Excellency when I came by to pay a visit and bring my own Christmas regards. And as I had promised, I wanted you to taste the delicacies of my homeland. I’m sure that they have exceeded all the expectations and competitors.

Alessandro Gelli