Modern flavours of tradition


The Piccole gioie

Every artist has a product that they love in a particular way, because it contains the quintessence of their world. The Piccole gioie (Small Joys) are the selection, which Roberto has “matured” over the years, of the most intense and special chocolates, those that represent from the first taste, the pleasure and joy that he has always wanted to convey with his hands’ work.

These chocolates are made with raw materials of the highest leveland fabulous combinations, and they are not to be eaten, but to be tasted slowly one at a time.
A gift idea always appreciated thanks to its elegant and refined packaging

The joy of chocolate is also a meditation on life.


The chocolate bars

Who among us doesn’t want, in the most unexpected moments of the day, to give a bite to the best chocolate, the one that cracks in the mouth and then melts? For those who are not satisfied with the simple supermarket bar, at Catinari’s you will find a real permanent chocolate festival: dark with Himalayan salt, bitter Venezuela, white chocolate, milk, and various shades of dark chocolate.

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Natural ingredients







The cakes

You could show up at a friend’s house with a touch of originality: the gianduia worked by Roberto Catinari in the form of a cake, with or without hazelnuts, is really an unusual way to offer the goodness of handcrafted chocolate. After dinner, during an aperitif, melted in the mouth together with coffee: a slice of our cakes can make the difference when we are in a good company.

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The Spreads

Who said that chocolate spread is only for children?
The quality of raw materials, the handcrafted technique, the wisdom of original recipes, show off even in ajar of spread. Three different varieties for educated and aware palates: magic and craftmanship remain hidden even in a teaspoon.

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