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Catinari offers you the opportunity to make each chocolate truly unique, truly 'yours'.

You just have to choose your favorite liquor and entrust it to us, so that it becomes the ingredient of an original and unparalleled praline.
Certainly, every artisanal work has its secrets: precise cooking temperatures to the exact degree, strict proportions between the ingredients, details in the processing that must be followed carefully.
These are the know-how that has been passed down by Catinari: the importance of the purity of the syrup, the cooking process, or the night spent resting before the final chocolate coating.

We cannot reveal more, but we can make you savor the intensity of a taste never experienced before.

Chocolate becomes a personal experience only when you can have your say. Bring us your liquor and wait to discover its taste inside our chocolate.


Your customized chocolate is waiting for you!

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