History of chocolate… and of its magic!

History of chocolate… and of its magic! Chocolate quality is everything, he often said. The choice of raw materials was, in fact, a successful strategy, and made him succeed as one of the most appreciated masters of the pastry art par excellence. Over the years Catinari has seen several generations approaching the pleasure of chocolate. “Tastes change, in a manner of speaking. The old tools of the trade, the manual skill, and the craftsmanship have always been there for me to achieve quality and goodness. Something so beautiful and good that I can’t describe”. His more than one hundred types of pralines, hand-decorated Easter eggs, every creation that came to life in his hands at the Agliana workshop, speak of love, happiness, imagination, and creativity. “I think I’m one of the few who work in this regard”

The craft techniques he learnt in Switzerland as a young man, are perhaps the most difficult secrets to repeat. It is no coincidence that he was among the very rare ones in Italy who still produces chocolates filled with liqueur – in his case with Vin Santo, Brunello or Chianti wine – “in a sugar crust”. Secret that he transmitted to his closest pupils and collaborators. “It is a very complex process that I learnt in Switzerland – he said – and so handcrafted that now it has almost been lost due to the high costs of realization. It consists in letting the drops of liqueur or wine “rest” in cornstarch drawers so that they form a thin sugary crust, which are then dusted and covered with dark chocolate”.

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