A journey into the world of chocolate!

Catinari chocolate tasting: starting from the basic ingredients to the finished product.


A special day!

Guided tours are carried out at our laboratory to retrace thehistory of cocoa through a pleasant, curious and above all delicious chocolate tasting. The aim of these tours is discovering the world of chocolate from the raw material to the most sought-after products of Catinari’s tradition.

After a first preparatory part that provides the basic knowledge about the cultivation of cocoa and the processing of chocolate, the tour will focus on the specific topic of tasting, starting from the analysis of the ingredients and then focusing on the organoleptic analysis and on the improvement of sensory abilities.

Chocolate tasting will open new sensory doors that have been closed for you so far!

You will test your tasting skills and then refine them over time!


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Taste Catinari Tuscany chocolate with your five senses - Luxury for the palate